The FODcast Announcement

The FOD – The Future Of Digital Commerce

The FOD – The Future Of Digital Commerce podcast launched Season 1 in May 2021. Company Directors Tim Roedel and James Hodges interview some of the most influential thought leaders of the digital commerce industry. 

  • Explore the real-life career stories of individuals at the very top of the sector.
  • Find out how the people at the top got to where they are.
  • Delve into the challenges facing eCommerce in the current marketplace.
  • Learn key trends to keep an eye on in the future.

Episode 1

With Micheal Vax

Michael Vax is the Principle at CommerceIsDigital, he shares his journey through the ups and downs; the challenges, and the highlights from his time at SprykerElastic Path, and how he got to where he is today.

He thinks the single most disruptive piece of technology over the course of the next couple of years would be Artificial Intelligence. Why? Listen to find out...

Episode 2

With Branwell Moffat

This time, we sat down with the brilliant Branwell Moffatt, co-founder of Envoy Digital, now KPS. Branwell is a true pioneer and innovator in digital. He’s been in the sector since the late 90s, and in that time, he’s transformed a 3-person business into a multi-office, hybris-partner of choice.

Branwell thinks that the high street will become much smaller, with retailers focusing only on the bigger, high-profit stores. 'The online space will become much more important for brands, while certain types of products, such as digital, non-physical ones, may disappear from the high street altogether', he says.


Episode 3

With Malcolm Wild

Malcolm Wild is the Chief Strategy Officer at SAI-Digital. He believes that bigger physical stores in the high streets will no longer be able to compete with larger online retailers like Amazon. 

And, find out why he believes figuring out how to work with cryptocurrency in a retail space could be one of the biggest hurdles that commerce needs to overcome. If customers want to pay in Bitcoin, how do online retailers navigate dealing with the volatile cryptocurrency?

Episode 4

With Kevin Murray

Kevin is the managing director of Greenlight, a leading digital commerce company in the UK. Kevin has led Greenlight from an ambitious start-up to one of the major agnostic digital transformation agencies currently operating in the eCommerce space.

In one of our most insightful episodes so far, Kevin explains how he transformed Greenlight from digital marketing provider into a fully fledged transformation service.

Plus, we asked Kevin what he thinks the biggest challenge facing retailers is right now? Listen to the full episode to find out.

Episode 5

With Peter Burggraaff

We all face challenges, but what is the biggest challenge that retailers face? Peter Burggraaff from the Boston Consulting Group says that the clients he comes across know they need to transcend into the digital, but they don’t know where to start.

It is a rather generic challenge, but it is still a challenge. Discover how to overcome these digital challenges retailers face today by listening to the full podcast.

Episode 6

With Aroen Arjun Sharma

We are back again with cutting edge insights into the future of digital commerce tech, brought to you by some of the most prominent leaders in the space today.

Aroen Arjun Sharma, a Managing Partner at Elision, joins us in this episode. In his role, he ensures transparent and collaborative strategies in customer engagement and commerce.

Join us for detailed discussions on e-commerce, customer experience, augmented reality and so much more.

Episode 7

With Kelly Goetsch

Do you want to understand the intricacies of digital commerce? 

Globally, Kelly Goetsch is responsible for product strategy, design, and integration as the CEO of Commerce Tools. In addition to his role, Kelly also co-founded MACH Alliance, a fast-growing group of companies and individuals advocating for open and best-of-breed enterprise technology.

As a professional, he shares valuable insights about what he's learned and the direction the digital commerce landscape is headed.

To keep up to date on the latest trends, be sure to give this episode a listen. 

Episode 8

Wrap up with our hosts Tim Roedel and James Hodges.

Hot digital commerce insights straight from industry leaders: In this final episode of season one, our hosts discuss the evolution of AI and machine learning, and its impact on the future of digital commerce.

Although working with similar clients, each of our seven guests this season had a completely unique perspective of the industry. These perspectives helped us advise our own clients from a more knowledgeable standpoint, allowing us to better understand our own industry and the important trends of today.

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