Covid-19 has changed a lot, but how has it impacted the world of digital commerce?


In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic left an undeniably sour taste in the retail industry’s mouth - mainly due to the introduction of lockdowns across the globe.

A term we were probably all familiar with from apocalyptic stories and horror films, but nothing like we’d ever experienced in real life, in lockdown a lot of things had to change regarding traditional brick and mortar stores. 

A change in traditional retail. A shift in digital commerce. Download our guide, “The Impact of Covid-19 on Digital Commerce: One Year On”, which includes everything you need to know about the effects of the pandemic and what the future has in store for digital commerce in a post-COVID world. 

Download our guide, "The impacts of Covid-19 on Digital Commerce: One year on." Fill in the short form, and it's yours.

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